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CHAMPIONSHIP HISTORY: The World Heavyweight Championship

The World Heavyweight Championship was long considered to be the ultimate prize in the Wright Wrestling Federation. Many champions have had long, successful reigns as such, while others have had it for a very short time.

Arguably the most prominent champion of all time was Brandon "Magic" Vinson. He was one of the earliest champions of pertinent history. He has held the title many times, and his title reigns generally lasted for a very long time. He had a way of being ruthless and efficient to gain and defend a title.

His prime rivals for the championship position were "Jazzy" Ben Cook and "The Caged Lion" Dr. Robert Wright, enemies in their own right. Wright has never given Magic a moment's peace in any of his matches, always running in and trying to keep his enemy from winning.

Ben's rivalry with Magic was something entirely different. Usually friends and allies, all that flew out the window when the belt was in sight. Their matches were brutal numerous. Opportunistic when they fought each other, their matches were fast-paced and unpredictable.

Ben held the belt many times, but had shown to be a somewhat unreliable champion. Less efficient than Magic, he would drag matches out far longer than need be. Then someone would interfere and he would lose. He had particular problems with cage matches and ladder matches, always dominating the fight but losing the race to the top.

After the initial Magic Eras and Ben's attempts to take the belt from him, "Stone Curly" Elaine Harris came out on top of the wreckage. She held the belt for only a very short time before Kim "The Krusher" Kouch defeated her to win it for herself. It was a very long time before the title changed hands again. Kim defeated both Ben and Magic in title defenses, as well as an array of other challengers.

In the end, a complete upset occurred when Rick "The Brick" Barnes defeated Kim. Rick was a hero to all, having been severely underestimated for a very long time. Finally, he had a moment of glory. That moment was short, however, for Laura Westfall defeated him for the belt in his very next match.

Ben won the title again. He had one of his most successful reigns yet. He was, however, defeated by "Hardcore" Allen Gillespie when Wade "Puffy" Langer betrayed him.

Gillespie held the belt for a while before Magic climbed the ranks and took him down. This time, Magic's reign as champion was unmatched by any previous reign. He defeated many comers and former champions, including the Wrights.

Magic's era, which was one of the longest of any champion ever, was finally ended when Ben, who was sick of Magic's era, challenged him to a sixty-minute Ironman Match. Ben decimated his opponent with a final score of 27-13.

Cook held the belt for an extremely long time. As long as, or possibly longer than, Magic's last era, in fact. Cook eventually entered his title in a sixteen-man tournament, where Mandie Lucas won it. (For entry into this tournament, one had to have won a Hardcore First-blood Royal Rumble.)

At this time, however, Magic had won both the Light-Heavyweight Title and ownership of the WWF. He, being the arrogant jerk he was (and is), declared that the Light-Heavyweight Belt was the most valuable belt in existance, while the World Heavyweight Championship was worthless.

Several low-profile contenders won the World Heavyweight Championship after that before it was eventually lost.

Lee Wright, however, eventually found the belt in the crowd during a match. He and his faction, the Parent Teacher Association, are endeavoring to return it to its former glory. The conservative factions of the WWF back these efforts, while progressive factions like l.W.o (spearheaded by company co-owner and Lee Wright-hater Elizabeth "The Girl" Lovell) wish to bring even greater glory to the Light-Heavyweight Championship.

We will have to wait and see who prevails.

Naturally, we didn't mention all the champions that we've had, but we hit on the highlights.
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