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Results: P.T.A. Meeting

In a fatal four way match featuring Lydia "The Sledgehammer" Ellison, Big Tony Wanger, The Girl, and Lee Wright, Wanger came out the victor.

Kevin Hobbs and Roy G. Brady defeated "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Howard and John Howard to become the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship.

Adam "Sneaky" Wesley defeated "Der Macho Man" Johannes Brahms.

Brooks Etheredge pulled a win over Jesse Yitram.

The Coolest Guys Ever, "Unfriendly" Frank Hadder and Brett "The Inside Joker" Davis failed to capture the Tag Team Championship from Brian McConnell and "Brave" Bonnie Brown.

Typically, no one won the triple threat match featuring "Big Bad" Jon Becker, Justin "Yellow Shirt" Banks, and "Gigantic" George Vinson.

Jessica "A.I.D.S.-ie" Blackwell reclaimed the Light-Heavyweight Championship from her old rival, Lydia Ellison, who was still weary from her earlier match.

"Above-Average" Ashley Tidmore and "Der Fuehrer" Maria Hanvy defeated "Wicked" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

John Cook defeated "Stone Curly" Elaine Harris to successfully defend his Hardcore Championship once again.

"Jazzy" Ben Cook fought a tough match against "The Hardcore Justice" Jason Vaughan, barely coming out on top.

Joseph Marshall never gave Rick "The Brick" Barnes a chance, defeating him to retain the Intercontinental Title. Brandon "Magic" Vinson made sure of this.

Kathy Cook defeated Montgomery Bleedalot in a steel cage match.

Lee "Simba" Wright and "The Caged Lion" Dr. Robert Wright lost to The Girl and "Mr. Showtime" Zach Banks in a tag team ladder match.

Kevin Hobbs won the Hardcore First-blood Royal Rumble, becoming the number-one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. He established his new identity as "The Cheese Whiz."

With the help of special guest referee Lydia "The Sledgehammer" Ellison, Brandon "Magic" Vinson easily defeated Kyle Bucher, ending the challenger's short career and successfully defending his recently-acquired (in a tournament) World Heavyweight Championship.
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