Brandon "Magic" Vinson (landogriffin23) wrote in the_caged_lions,
Brandon "Magic" Vinson

Results: Hardcoria

In tag team action, Gabie "The Game" Ganey and Richard "Assface" Adams defeated "Big Bad" Jon Becker and Adam Wright.

"Sexual Chocolate" Mark Howard defeated Morgan "The Machine" Wilson.

With "The Caged Lion" Dr. Robert Wright as the guest referee, Ben's Mom defeated "Crazy" Carol Vinson.

Long time friends and tag team partners, Handicap Harry and Monty H. Bleedalot, were forced into a first blood match. Needless to say, Bleedalot bled a lot, losing to Handicap Harry.

In a ladder match for the Tag Team Championship, Roy G. Brady fought alone and won against Brian McConnell and "Brave" Bonnie Brown. Unfortunately, Roy was severely injured and had to vacate the title.

"Old-School" Frank Hadder defeated Kim "The Krusher" Kouch.

Jessica "" Blackwell defended her Light Heavyweight Championship against Adam "Sneaky" Wesley.

Lydia "The Sledgehammer" Ellison pulled out a nail-biter, why not, against "Sadistic" Sara James.

George Vinson put on a very poor performance as he lost a Hardcore Championship match to Ben's Dad.

"Jazzy" Ben Cook told Rick Barnes shut the hell up about the rent as he defeated him.

Big Tony Wanger defeated "Mr. Showtime" Zach Banks.

"The Cheese Whiz" Kevin Hobbs skipped out on his tag partner and best friend to become the new Intercontinental Champion as he defeated Joseph Marshall.

Melissa Harbison won the Hardcore First-Blood Royal Rumble to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

Our new owner, "The Hardcore Justice" Jason Vaughan was able to come from behind to beat "Hardcore" Allen Gillespie.

Out of nowhere, Justin "Yellowshirt" Banks was able to defeat Brandon "Magic" Vinson to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.
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