bennyc4youandme (bennyc4youandme) wrote in the_caged_lions,

Results: Last Chance

Jonathan Sutton & Amanda Westfall defeated Justin "The Drummer" Vinson & "Jovial" Josh Gilbert.

Adam Smith defeated Ben "The Bus" Jordan.

"Above Average" Ashley Tidmore defeated Kim "The Krusher" Kouch.

Johann Sebastian "Bone-Baraquin'" Bach & Ludwig van "Badass" Beethoven defeated Lee "Simba" Wright & Eric "Lazy" Lambert.

"Merciless" Miss Jane Gibbs defeated "Der Macho Man" Johannes Brahms.

The "Coolest Guys Ever", Brett "The Inside-Joker" Davis & "Unfriendly" Frank Hadder defeated "Chainsaw" Charlie Lucas & Daniel Warren to become Number-one contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

John Cook defeated Chris "The Mayor" Robinson to once again defend his Hardcore Championship. I guess he didn't want to "hug the mayor."

"The Living Legend" Lacey Johnson defeated both Handicap Harold & Montgomery Bleedalot.

In a Tag Team Championship Match, Brian "Bean Dip" McConnell & "Brave" Bonnie Brown defeated "Big Don" Jonathan Haynes & "Sticky Hands" Michael Connors.

"Gigantic" George Vinson defeated "Big Bad" Jon Becker.

Joseph Marshall defeated "Stone Curly" Elaine Harris to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Rick "The Brick" Barnes & Justin "Yellow Shirt" Banks came together to defeat "Hardcore" Allen Gillespie & "The Caged Lion" Dr. Robert Wright.

In a Ladder Match, Brandon "Magic" Vinson defeated "Jazzy" Ben Cook.

In a Triple Threat Match, "Mr. Showtime" Zach Banks defeated "Sadistic" Sara James, while Brian "Bean Dip" McConnell was knocked out.

Lydia "The Sledgehammer" Ellison defeated "The Director" Hal McIntosh to become the new Light-Heavyweight Champion. The Girl was Special Guest Referee. With the win, Lydia caused there to be a tournament for the World Heavyweight Title.
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