Brandon "Magic" Vinson (landogriffin23) wrote in the_caged_lions,
Brandon "Magic" Vinson

Hey Crazy!

Zach Banks, The Girl, and Stone Curly Elaine Harris fought a triple threat match that ended in a draw.

The Coolest Guys Ever, Brett "The Inside Joker" Davis and "Old-School" Frank Hadder, defeated Handicap Harry and Roy G. Brady, to become Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

In the Hardcore Championship, Lee "Simba" Wright defeated Ben's Dad.

Maria "Der Fuehrer" Hanvy defeated Jessica "A.I.D.S.-ie" Blackwell to become the Light Heavyweight Champion. In the process, Maria contracted A.I.D.S. when Jessica A.I.D.S. Bombed her.

"Gigantic" George Vinson and "Crazy" Carol Vinson defeated Kim "The Krusher" Kouch and Ludwig van Beethoven in a tag match.

Brian "Bean Dip" McConnell defeated "The Hardcore Justice" Jason Vaughn in a very sadistic manner.

Eric "The Fat-Head of the Opera" Cleveland beat "The Cheese-Whiz" Kevin Hobbs to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Adam "Sneaky" Wesley and "Crazy" Carol Vinson fought to a draw.

"Wicked" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart won the First-Blood Royal Rumble to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

Ben's Mom defeated Adam "Sneaky" Wesley.

In a ladder match, Brandon "Magic" Vinson beat the living crap out of "The Caged Lion" Dr. Robert Wright.

In a God-awful triple threat match, Big Tony Wanger won the World Heavyweight Title by defeating Justin "Yellow Shirt" Banks and Melissa Harbison.
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I'm finally gonna throw my hat in the ring. No one can top the space-time manipulation!
I'll put you in the game.