Brandon "Magic" Vinson (landogriffin23) wrote in the_caged_lions,
Brandon "Magic" Vinson

Mozart's Revenge

In Tag-team action, Gina Gioiello and Kim "The Krusher" Kouch defeated The Girl and Morgan Wilson.

Richard "Assface" Adams defeated Gabie "The Game" Ganey.

Charlie Lucas had sex with Johann Sebastian "Bone-Baraquin" Bach, and won the match.

Hal "The Director" McIntosh and "Hardcore" Allen Gillespie defeated Handicap Harry and Roy G. Brady to become Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

Jeff "Jesus" Cornelius claimed victory over Chris "The Mayor" Robinson and Brooks Etheredge in a handicap match.

In a Light Heavyweight Title Match, Lydia "The Sledgehammer" Ellison reclaimed the belt by beating Maria "Der Fuehrer" Hanvy.

In a Ladder Match, Colin Vinson defeated Cameron Vinson.

George and Carol Vinson defended their Tag Team Titles against the "Old-Schoolest Guys Ever," "Old-School" Frank Hadder and Brett "The Inside Joker" Davis.

Mandie Lucas defeated Justin "Yellow Shirt" Banks.

"Stone Curly" Elaine Harris became the new Hardcore Champion, by defeating Lee "Simba" Wright in a Ladder Match.

Ben's Dad defeated Sara James in a Cage Match.

In a Intercontinental Championship Rematch, Eric "The Fat-Head of the Opera" Cleveland successfully defended his title against "The Cheese Whiz" Kevin Hobbs.

In an Ironman Match, by a score of 11-0, Brandon "Magic" Vinson annihilated "The Caged Lion" Dr. Robert Wright.

Justin "Yellow Shirt" Banks put his earlier loss to Mandie Lucas behind him and won the Hardcore First-Blood Royal Rumble to become Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

In a First Blood Match, Big Tony Wanger came out on top against "Wicked" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to defend his World Heavyweight Championship.
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