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In this very ring. . .

The Main Event

Wright Wrestling Federation
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This is a record of events that transpire in the Wright Wrestling Federation.

The stories you read are based on stories that Brandon "Magic" Vinson and "Jazzy" Ben Cook set up in the N64 game, WWF: No Mercy.

Here's how it works. We have created characters, and based on the results of the matches they fight in (as well as some random jokes), we assign most characters to factions. All characters are based on people we know/know of. There are no wrestlers in this game, as they have all been replaced. We set up a "Pay-Per-View" event of fifteen matches and see how it plays out, watching the matches and only playing when our characters are involved.

We fabricate stories to correspond with what's happening on-screen, often involving very WWF-esque plots (because we rip off what we remember from middle school and high scool). What you read here are the results of the events and stories we set up.